Practice Management Solution for Australian GPs & Specialists

The all-in-one online video conferences cloud-based healthcare platform with 100% billing designed specifically for Australian Medicare Accredited GPs & Specialists. Streamline your workflow and enhance patient care. Experience the convenience of accessing healthcare from the comfort of your home or clinic, no matter where you are in Australia.

Who Can Become a Partner Practitioner for DinkumDoc?

To become a Partner Practitioner at DinkumDoc and offer your healthcare services, you need to meet the following qualifications:
Provide HPI-I Number or Provider Number
“Possession of a valid Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Registration Number, including the Healthcare Provider Identifier-Individual (HPI-I) Number, is mandatory. Candidates need to provide their unique Provider Number issued by AHPRA as part of the application process.”
DinkumDoc will provide Minor ID and HPIO
DinkumDoc streamlines the joining process for GPs by automatically providing Minor ID and HPIO for e-Prescription upon registration, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

DinkumDoc Platform Feature

Flexible Work Options

GPs can work from home or manage their practice remotely, offering them greater flexibility and work-life balance.

No Financial Stress

GPs can practice on Dinkumdoc.com without paying the 35% Medicare rebate to the clinic, thus reducing financial stress on general practice bulk billing in Australia.

Increased Earnings

GPs can earn more by practising on “Dinkumdoc.com” as they can receive 100% of their Medicare limit.

No Setup Costs

GPs can practice on Dinkumdoc.com without incurring any setup costs or expensive equipment purchases.

Expanded Patient Base

Dinkumdoc.com offers GPs access to a larger patient base across Australia, providing them with greater opportunities to grow their practice.

No fees for providers

DinkumDoc offers doctors a telehealth platform with no fees, providing a cost-effective solution for delivering virtual care and expanding patient access without financial burden.

Services Offered By DinkumDoc

DinkumDoc offers Australians a diverse range of online healthcare services and experiences via website application, introducing:

Benefits to join DinkumDoc as Partner Practitioner

Streamlined Patient Intake

Simplify the patient intake process with digital forms and documentation, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing overall efficiency.

Continuity of Care

DinkumDoc platforms facilitate ongoing communication between doctors and patients, promoting continuity of care and enabling timely follow-ups and adjustments to treatment plans.

Virtual Consultation

Expand your practice by offering Virtual Consultation service, allowing you to connect with patients virtually and providing healthcare beyond geographical constraints.

100% billing—bulk bill or Private bill

As the patient pays the service fee, there is potential to earn up to 30% more with same number of patients.

Secure and Compliant Platform

Benefit from secure and efficient payment processing, ensuring a hassle-free bi-weekly financial transaction experience for both you and your patients.

How DinkumDoc Works for Doctors

DinkumDoc: Your one-stop shop for online healthcare in Australia. Book a Medicare-accredited GP or specialist appointment in real-time.

02. Enter the additonal deatils

Upon successful registration, please provide additional details such as your Australian Business Number (ABN), Residential Address, Professional Experience (if you have it), Medical Specialization, and Documents licences for verification purposes.

04. Input the payment information, including the date, time, and bank account details

Kindly furnish the particulars regarding fees, days, and times, including any Medicare-approved rebates as relevant, to adhere to government regulations. Additionally, please share your bank account details and upload the requisite documents for verification purposes.

01. Enter your basic details

We kindly request essential information such as your name, email address, phone number, gender, and the like. Rest assured, your details are safeguarded and kept confidential. To facilitate the prescriptions to our patients, kindly furnish your Provider number.

03. Choose Preferred Services

Virtual Clinic Services, Online Consultation Services & In-Clinic Consultation Services

05. Schedule Appointment

Book an appointment with DinkumDoc's trusted Aussie GPs, here to give you top-notch personalized care that suits you best. Your health is our #1 concern!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary qualification required to become a Partner Practitioner at DinkumDoc?

To become a Partner Practitioner at DinkumDoc, the primary qualification required is the possession of a valid Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Registration Number. This is mandatory and serves as a foundational requirement for eligibility.space

How many years of clinical experience are necessary to be considered for a Partner Practitioner role at DinkumDoc?

To be considered for a Partner Practitioner role, a minimum of one years of clinical experience is required. This ensures that candidates have a solid foundation of practical knowledge and expertise in their field.